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Ingenuity is a consultancy that does three things:

BRANDS: we help you find new marketing services agencies.

AGENCIES: we help you find new clients.

BOTH: we bring both communities together through regular new business and networking events.

Only Ingenuity does this. We are the leader in our field, we join all the dots.

Ingenuity sits at the intersection of brands and agencies - and, equally important, the people on both sides. We help people to spend less time kissing frogs. We bring them together in a controlled, intelligent and appropriate way.

Our approach is consultative, and it's highly personalised.

If there is something in this that appeals to you, we'd love to hear from you.

Ingenuity was founded in 2005 by Shaun Varga & Chris Kemp

SHAUN started his career in advertising as a graduate trainee at JWT London after an MA from Oxford University. Shaun is author of 'Brilliant Pitch' (Pearson, 2010), and writes for scooter magazine Twist & Go... despite owning a Harley. He's been round the block, from advertising and design, to PR, film and digital.

  • JWT London (Account Director)
  • GGK (Associate Director, London & Paris)
  • Imagination (Head of Television)
  • World Productions (MD, Business Media Division)
  • Intellect (interim Marketing Director, Software Business Network)
  • Glue (Co-founder)
  • BloodPartnership (Co-founder)
  • Ingenuity (Co-founder, Chairman & Creative Director)

CHRIS began his career in the City, before moving to sports specialist agency Gem Group, advising clients like Vodafone and E.ON. As Managing Partner, Chris leads the company's development strategy, including the event programme and international expansion. In his spare time Chris is a keen cricketer, and a playing member of the MCC.

THE COMPANY was founded from a belief (based on Shaun's bad experiences of working with new business consultancies when he was running agencies) that there is a better way.

Key to the better way, is better people. We are immensely proud of our Ingeneers. Working as a team, they put into practice the philosophy of joined up new business. And they do it so successfully that clients stay with us for years, not months.


Marketing Magazine, Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Wall blog

Ingenuity's events connect the agency and brand communities.

Ingenuity events bring brands and marketing agencies together, around a marketing theme. Themes are aligned with current trends and client needs, and address all the major channels, disciplines and issues facing marketers. Click HERE for the latest schedule.

FOR AGENCIES: Meet decision makers from brands looking to engage new agencies for various requirements. These requirements will vary according to the theme.

FOR BRANDS: Meet and question, in private face to face meetings, marketing agencies selected as experts in their field, and see for yourself what fresh agency talent is out there.

Events are hosted at Lord's Cricket Ground, Chelsea FC's Stamford Bridge, and Manchester United's Old Trafford.

Each agency meets each brand in short, private sessions (held in the hospitality boxes), to discuss how the client's requirements might be addressed by the agency's skills and experience. At the end of each session, both sides will know whether the conversation is worth continuing - and whether the 'chemistry' is there to make for a successful working relationship!

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Visit Us

Ingenuity, 2nd floor, 1 Maple Place, London W1T 4BB


020 7042 2900

Have you noticed how most job ads are the same?

Same list of buzz words ('collaborative', 'ambitious', 'driven', 'results oriented' etc.) the old, 'we work hard, and play hard!' attempt to make it sound more fun than it really is?

That's because other companies recruit to fill job slots. We recruit good people first... and then we build the role around them.

Ingenuity is not like any other company, and so we don't do 'jobs'. Our people are all very different, because our Clients are all different. So we choose not to 'clone' types of people that work here.

I suggest you look around this site and figure out for yourself if you might do well here. Here are some clues about how to rule yourself out;

Our Consultants are clever. Not all in the same way. But always clever. Each one can think, can sell, and make their own Clients feel special. They care. If you don't care about your own performance, don't come here.

Our Senior Consultants are as hands-on as any other Consultant. Everyone is on the front line here, top down. You'll be expected to do more, deliver better results, and help other people at Ingenuity achieve better results too through mentoring (we prefer not to say 'managing').

Our Insight people are insatiably curious, have a passion for marketing, write well, and have an attention to detail. If you don't have an enquiring mind, don't come here.

We take on people at all levels - there is a career path here, whatever level you come in at. This company is growing, and not just in the UK. There are always new places to go, new challenges. If you don't see this as a career choice, don't come here.

And you know what? Although we choose not to pre-define what our people are like before we meet them, we recognize the right kind of talent when we see it.

If you think you have something interesting to offer, email us on

If you want to come in at the Intern level,

We wrote the book on pitching

Written by Shaun Varga, Chairman & Creative Director of ingenuity, Brilliant Pitch equips Agency people to tackle pitch situations (however tough), improve their own skills and, importantly, leave them enthused about the idea of pitching and looking forward to the next one. It does so by first by outlining how to approach any pitch, then how to tailor the approach in different situations. There are secrets from the masters. There are pitch stories...

There is an awful lot of common sense here. Brilliant Pitch challenges your assumptions whether you are heading for your 1st pitch or your 101st.

Peter Lovatt, Vice Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi

This book is packed with valuable advice. Shaun expertly takes the mystery out of making a great pitch.

Ivor Catto, CEO, Hyder Consulting plc.

Shaun Varga skillfully details numerous potential obstacles an entrepreneur will encounter when they reach the stage of pitching to investors. Especially in the early stages. The advice given on how to balance pitching the business and idea you are seeking funding for with the experience of people who will execute the plan is often absent in many pitches given by entrepreneurs and is done at their own peril.

James H Fitzgerald, President, Chainstar Facilities Inc. NY

Contents :

  1. So how good are you... really?
  2. It's OK if you haven't done it before: the importance of clarity
  3. Basic mistakes: ever seen Dragons' Den...?
  4. How not to make assumptions - finding out what they really want
  5. Now do your homework (sorry - no substitute)
  6. The most important 'p' in pitch... is people
  7. About teamwork
  8. The time to win the pitch is before you do the pitch
  1. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere: the 'elevator pitch'
  2. What to do when what they want is not the same as what they need
  3. Pitching for entrepreneurs: backing the rider or backing the horse
  4. Victory is not about coming up with the right answer
  5. Pitching to procurement professionals
  6. Busking it: how to pitch without a pitch
  7. Magic, theatre, genius and other myths about pitching
  8. Masterclass: it doesn't get any better than this